Congratulations on completing our ‘Launch Your Business’ module! Did you know that we offer one–on-one strategy sessions to support you even further with the launch of your new business? These calls are 60 minutes in duration with a 6A+ leader within the organization.

This call includes a TFE Welcome E-book full breakdown of the compensation plan and 8 point system and tips to get you to 4A fast!

These calls are best suited to those who are brand new to this business, or who need some guidance and action steps towards strategizing their growth to 4A.

Daniel Bissaker

Daniel is the proud father, Conscious Entrepreneur and a 6A2 leader within Enagic.

Daniel has been part of the community for 4.5 years and completely turned his life around from complete burn out to now living a life of freedom, alongside his wife who he does this business with.

He now gets to enjoy surfing every day and enjoying life to the full with his family, and loves helping others achieve the same success.

Jess Bellofatto is mom of three who has been teaching yoga and stand up paddle boarding for her entire adult life.

Two years ago, burnt out from the hustle of trading time for money and living and working in a very seasonal beach resort community, she discovered The Freedom Era and Enagic and her life has never been the same.

Deeply passionate about nature, movement and holistic health, she is a stand for women embracing their wholeness and stepping into the life of their dreams, at any age and will help bring clarity to your vision and journey with Enagic and The Freedom Era.

Jess Bellofatto

Sue E Raffan

Sue is a qualified master practitioner of life coaching and NLP, as well as trained in energy modalities.

She thrives on simplifying information, systems and processes so that they work for each individual, in a manageable way.

Sue is excited to guide your journey within TFE to bring more fun and remove any overwhelm.

Whether you are new to this business or even if you have been here a while, a strategy call will provide clarity on where you currently are and where you are headed with The Freedom Era.


Once you've built up some momentum within your journey, TFE mentor calls can be booked to support you even further in particular areas to accelerate the growth of your business. These calls are 60-90mins in duration with a 6A+ leader within the organisation.


Carmen Smith

Carmen has built her Enagic business to 6A2 organically using Facebook. She’s learnt how to both grow her audience organically and connect with her audience through sharing her own vision, values and ‘life events’. Crafting our own powerful, personal brand through social media is key and it gets to be truly simple. Carmen has leveraged her personal Facebook profile and held regular masterclasses in her Facebook groups to build her business to 6A2, which in turn has created her team of powerful, action taking leaders, her dream team, who are now replicating this for themselves.

Book your call with Carmen If you’re looking for support around leadership, posting on social media around your own personal branding to connect more with your audience or hosting your own masterclasses inside your FB group. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!


Carissa is a leading authority in simple and effective automated systems, including ads, funnels, websites and email marketing, so that business is always flowing no matter what life brings.

Carissa is passionate about helping others with their very own unique marketing processes, setting up ads effectively and troubleshooting/supporting as needed.

When you book a call with Carissa, she will see where you’re at currently, assess any missing pieces and provide clarity on the way forward.

Carissa Riz Nepia


Willow Shanks

Willow is a 6A2 Enagic Leader with a laser focus on sales, engagement, and community.

She has a deep understanding of the Enagic compensation plan and excels at heart-centred sales conversations and creating magnetic content.

She's driven by the belief that content, connections, and conversations lead to sales. After a call with Willow, you can expect clear guidance and a pathway to ignite mass momentum in your business.

Harness her expertise to build authentic relationships, gain the trust of your audience, and watch as they eagerly become your partners in business!


As a graphic designer and brand specialist of almost 10 years, Ellenore Stokes is a big believer that EVERYONE has value to give and something to share with the world and she LOVES pulling the gold out of people to help them see just how much they have to bring to the table!

Elle will walk you through your Instagram account and provide you with actionable steps on what you need to increase, as well as auditing your Instagram account to help you position yourself as the expert in your chosen topics

Ellenore Stokes


Natasha Hain

Natasha lives a conscious & natural lifestyle, all whilst being a Mumma & 6A in her Enagic business. She has been 100% dedicated for the last 4 years having huge success through leading with the water - both online & offline.

Through personal branding, webinars & Facebook groups. As well as water events, public expos, water trials and having a loaner machine.She is full of knowledge & wisdom about the product, with a deep embodiment of conviction & purpose to help change livesNatasha will support you in how you can create more success - if you have a desire in your business to lead with the water.

She will be open to giving you feedback, reflections, suggestions, strategies & resources to support you to ignite your business to a whole new level


Your affiliate business is scaling, and you need to start outsourcing tasks to keep up with your growth.  It’s time to upgrade your support with a virtual assistant!

Hire a VA

Are you ready to step into the next level of your business and leadership?

We’re taking the guesswork out of onboarding support in your business by connecting you with our recommended Virtual Assistance company Alchemy Outsourcing. 

This is an incredible opportunity for you to have someone join your team and support your vision. Plus, they’ll help you achieve your goals faster, freeing up your calendar.







With affordable hourly rates ranging from $10-$18 USD/hour and a choice of part-time (20 hours/week) or full-time (40 hours/week) contracts, Alchemy Outsourcing can find your right-hand person in no time.

Click to book your free 30 mins consultation call and continue to grow your empire.


Ready to give your personal brand an upgrade? This 2 hour 1:1 session is designed to help you get crystal clear on your brand, your soul mate avatar, and position yourself as the go-to with epic content!

As a graphic designer and brand specialist of almost 10 years, Ellenore Stokes is a big believer that EVERYONE has value to give and something to share with the world and she LOVES pulling the gold out of people to help them see just how much they have to bring to the table! Elle is passionate about helping men and women start, build, and elevate their personal brands!

What To Expect

In your 2hr zoom session - you will dive into creating your brand, uncovering the gold that is already there, and identifying the impact you get to have with your current embodiment, skills, desires, and awareness.

Elle will also support with positioning yourself as the go-to person, help you step into your authority with epic content & identify WHO your ideal person is.

Ellenore Stokes

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