Can I change my username?

No, in TFE 3.0 the technology is designed specifically to support your affiliate business, and therefore your name in your referral links will be your affiliate ID, a unique coded sequence that identifies your membership to your activity such as sending a link, uniquely coded webinar and sales funnels. If you were a previous member, you may have noted that your ‘username’ was captured in your uniquely coded URL, however, in TFE 3.0 your ‘Affiliate ID’ is unique. We suggest you shorten your link via services such as bitly.com in order to shorten your url.

Can I change my password?

You can not change your password. If you forget or misplace your unique password, then you can use the ‘forgot password’ feature at the login portal, which will prompt an email to your registered email inside of your membership account. There is no option to change your password. If you are experiencing issues with your password, please email techsupport@thefreedomera.com.

I can’t log in to the platform. What do I do??

Check you have the correct email and password combination, using the email you registered to The Academy with. Try to refresh your browser system first, close it down and re-open if necessary. You should also clear your browser cookies as well. If you are experiencing issues with logging into your account, please email support techsupport@thefreedomera.com


When do I use the DBS service?

Here is a useful resource link for DBS sponsor support to understand the service and what is included in your membership. You can also locate this inside your business centre → discovery call settings. To make the most of the DBS service, please ensure you read through the Digital Business Specialist Support pack thoroughly, so that you know what your responsibilities are within the DBS process as a sponsor.

How can I change and access my discovery process questions?

Your answers will be logged in your dashboard menu  → profile → my discovery process

How can I reschedule my discovery call?

You’ll need to refer to the confirmation email sent to your inbox at the time of booking your call. Inside of the email, you will find the reschedule and cancel links from the call booking confirmation email. Calls cannot be cancelled within 48 hours of the call time (unless you’re cancelling your membership), without there being a fee attached for your sponsor, please speak with your sponsor and ensure they understand the DBS terms and conditions.

How do I change my discovery call settings as a member?

You can change your settings with three options located in your business centre → and discovery call settings


Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the pathway > account settings → memberships → cancel. Your access will close automatically at the end of your final paid period (i.e. should you cancel midway through your monthly subscription you have access until the end of the month)

How do I request a refund?

If you are within the 14 day refund period and you wish to cancel you can email the support desk: help@thefreedomera.com to process the refund for you.


What are the prices and options for a membership?

We have monthly & annual memberships. In the first 30 days you can upgrade from monthly → yearly for the price of $897 USD. After 30 days the price increases to $997 USD this includes if you cancel and restart your membership, your email remains in the platform and you’re a lifetime member // it just reactivates but doesn’t start from day 1.

Can I view and edit my membership status after I sign up?

YES! You can change your membership type at any time (the price will vary depending on when you do this) by going to the dashboard menu → profile → my membership and selecting the option you want. You will then be charged for the new membership type on the next billing cycle (which will be reflected here as well). We will email you 72 hours before your membership is due to be paid to remind you of the payment.


Where do I find my affiliate links and how do I use them?

Your affiliate links can be found by going to your Business Centre in the top menu bar. Then going to → advertising links. From here you can choose to send out a prerecorded replay of a powerful webinar, or a more specific niched demographic specific webinar, or a product focused link to more information. If you want to send someone a link to sign up to The Freedom Era right away, simply send them the ‘direct checkout’ link.

How do you track affiliate links?

We use what’s called a ‘last touch’ rule. Meaning, the last affiliate link a lead touches before signing up, is who they are affiliated to. If Jane clicks on Sarah' s affiliate link to watch a webinar and then goes to the direct checkout link of ‘join.thefreedomera.com’ Sarah will be Jane’s sponsor as the last affiliate link Jane touched belonged to her. Likewise, if Jane clicks on Sarah' s affiliate link and THEN clicks on Jo’s link before signing up. Jo would be Jane's sponsor as it was her link that was touched last.

NOTE: if there are issues with sponsor relationships please email for support: help@thefreedomera.com with yourself and the new member CC’d in.

How can I see my new member sign ups?

Go to the Business Centre → leads -> members/leads. Members are your paying clients who signed up with your ‘ The Freedom Era’ link. Leads are people who registered for a webinar using your affiliate link.

Do you have an affiliate commission program?

YES! We do, we love abundance and we love to give you time and money back. We pay 5% on all new members joining TFE with your affiliate link and we even offer member commissions on some of our courses and programs, which can range from as much as 10-20%.


How do I download the TFE App to my phone?

Your TFE 3.0 App is an Academy feature only, and will require you to open TFE Academy on your phone via the link www.thefreedomera.org → sign into the platform using your personal password → access the course section within the Academy hub → access any video → follow the prompts on the pop up on your screen and add the app to your home screen. This is a fast access app and is only available to access the Masterclasses and the courses. The business centre is not featured inside of the app as it requires desktop capabilities to ensure it runs correctly.

How do I contact The Freedom Era support team directly?

If you can't find the help you need in the FAQ's above, or in 'The Academy' page - video training and support section please lodge a support ticket. If you also send in a loom video of the issue we will be able to locate the problem and fix it quickly for you.

Click the 'Submit Ticket' button and fill out the form.

We will be in contact via email as soon as we have the ticket and have looked at the issue.

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