Facebook Group

You're not only the one going after your dreams! Thousands of conscious entrepreneurs from all walks of life invested in themselves and said 'YES' to their ambitious goals.

Join our private Facebook group to connect with them and read some deeply transformative stories.

This Facebook group serves as our community hub for all things personal development and business, such as live masterclasses, Q&As, epic trainings, collaborations, and so much more!

Make sure you bookmark this page for easy access and turn on notifications, Trust us - you don't want to miss out on all this goodness.

We are so excited to have you and can't wait to witness your growth!

Community Events

Working online is the best ever... But let's celebrate offline connection too!

From Sunday brunches to beach days to dinners out, our in-person events are a great way for us to bring the community together.

These events are perfect to connect with fellow business builders face-to-face, create some incredible content together, and perhaps even exchange some juicy business strategies... all while enjoying a beautiful day out.

Keep an eye out for these events as they will be announced in the Facebook group, that's where the magic happens!

If you'd like to organise a community event in your area, please reach out to our wonderful community manager Jen at - she'll help you with the next steps!


Coming soon...

Charity Water

Our commitment to water goes beyond the business opportunity. Clean drinking water is a catalyst for health, gender equality, improved education, and economic development.

While we often take this for granted, 771 million people around the world lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water, making it a massive crisis.

This is why we decided to partner with an established not-for-profit organisation to help us change this.

In this unique partnership with Charity:Water, we are connected to the exact community we're serving through project updates, GPS coordinates and photos.

Since the beginning of this impactful collaboration in 2022, The Freedom Era community have collectively donated $25,434, changing the lives of thousands of people.

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